Blowing in the Wind

Walking by the Eastern Southland Gallery last week I was struck by the ready-made in the lancewood – it’s actually been there about two months apparently placed there by the wind having blown through from the supermarket just up the road – I don’t think it’s a genuine gallery installation – they’re more of an inside operation. And I’m pretty sure it is not some deep hint from New World  – their style is more like the image at bottom but I don’t think they’d be proud about the locality of this lone plastic bag.

windbag gore20180629_800x600.jpg
Ah, there you are!
Proudly Local


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  1. There is a big push in the US to end the use of these bags, particular in shoreline communities. They end up in the waterways and oceans, easily choking a variety of wildlife. Not to mention they spoil the view.

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