Cabbage Tree Road

Today was a national holiday - well not quite but my birthday and I try to avoid working birthdays so Liz and I took off for a meander through West-Otago. Over towards Heriot we found Cabbage Tree Road which really lives up to its name. We felt the pull of one tree and had to... Continue Reading →

Tea, scones and fire at Larnach Castle

Liz suggested we have morning tea at Larnach Castle for a early birthday (mine). Even on the yuckiest of days Larnach is amazing with its tower, 19C architecture and blousy, loose plantings. The first thing we saw was this wedding cake tree  in its barest winter state. The we walked through a dripping woodland at... Continue Reading →

Blowing in the Wind

Walking by the Eastern Southland Gallery last week I was struck by the ready-made in the lancewood - it's actually been there about two months apparently placed there by the wind having blown through from the supermarket just up the road - I don't think it's a genuine gallery installation - they're more of an... Continue Reading →

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