My Mission in Life

I WILL grow into the powerlines. I call these my fifth-column plants, no-matter-what, they are working away quietly for Gaia, often in plain sight. These are juvenile lancewoods, at about 20 years age they transform into a broad-headed tree maturing at 20 metres tall.  

Chick’s in a puddle

Stepping out of Union Co Cafe after one of their fantastic mushroom filo's the other day I (almost) stepped in a puddle reflecting the old Chick's Hotel across the road. Chick's Hotel  has nurtured (probably too gentle a word!) many  NZ bands and has recently moved on to become a recording studio. More recent outputs... Continue Reading →

Herbicides, use, abuse and mis-use

Herbicides help one person do the work of many. But they should be treated like strong medicinal drugs, to deal with a deep-seated problem once and for all. With patience we can do this naturally, with less damage to Earth and a more robust result - but another post for that. Sometimes managers are impatient.... Continue Reading →

Moa sighted near Otuparaoa

Travelling a back road today between the Otuparaoa and Blue Mountains I came across a moa. Normally flighty and hard to capture, this one was wired and I was able to get her photo before she thundered off toward the Umbrella Mountains.

In spite of it all

The other day as I raced into a southern storm I glimpsed a shrub defeating a power pole possum barrier - but the weather was too horrible to stop. Today we had more time but even driving both ways slowly we only found it at the last, almost back to the Glenham floodplain. Australian brushtail... Continue Reading →

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