Soil Carbon on-farm: missed opportunity

This post is in response to NZ government's missed opportunity to mitigate rising atmospheric carbon. Despite access to the world's science, and despite the opportunity represented by 105,000 km² of farmland, government persists in denying farmers agency in helping solve the problem. Soil carbon is ignored in all govt. statements, there's a perception in govt... Continue Reading →

What goes around comes around

The carbon cycle and the water cycle - some surprises. When rain falls to Earth, some water is absorbed by plants, some is stored in the soil and some runs to the sea. Water then returns to the atmosphere via transpiration from plants and evaporation from surfaces. So far, so normal; this is the soil-plant-atmosphere... Continue Reading →

Sustainability Part II – Nature’s Rights

Does sustainability mean anything in a business context, or is it just another overused catchword like prefixing all pronouncements with 'Green'?  Our technical culture enables us to borrow from other times and places. This is often couched in weasel words; instead we should say what we mean and hold business and the state to the same... Continue Reading →

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