‘New Perspectives on Landscape’ I

This post is part one overviewing the work of five contemporary NZ landscape painters, who provided works for 'New Perspectives on Landscape' which has been touring the South Island, culminating in a final show at eastern southland gallery earlier this month: Fiona Van Oyen Hannah Joynt Sue Pearce Miranda Joseph Robyn Bardas The_Anthropomorphic_Garden - Fiona... Continue Reading →

Rolling Country

On the hill road above Waikoikoi, wrapped silage reflecting the sunset  

Resilient landscapes

This (much longer than usual) post builds on an interview on Maureen Howard's Eco Living in Action on Otago Access Radio   Maureen's blog is here and our discussion is here Resilience and climate change I spent much of the early 90's cycle-touring and one day I saw a very ordinary garden in downtown Anchorage, Alaska... Continue Reading →

Christmas is still happening

When I checked my PO box this morning there was a package from afar. I'd been told there was one coming but NZ post is ... erratic is one way to describe them. Inside were seven of the most gorgeous Italian biscuits - hazelnut and vanilla mmm.  Even the box was special - a circle... Continue Reading →

Spring Roundup

Well it was Spring when I shot these Traveling around the New Zealand countryside one often sees fields with a very even yellowish hue; these fields look out of place among the varied field patchwork so it is worthwhile slowing down for a closer look. When you stop you see the plants in the field... Continue Reading →

Secret (library) Garden

The other day we were poking around Gore and Liz beckoned me in to a hidden garden between the Eastern Gallery (a 1909 Carnegie Library) and Gore Library. You see the garden from within the library all the time, yet the entry is almost hidden and well away from normal sight-lines. I know nothing of... Continue Reading →

Fire House – House Fire

Foodscape rather than landscape for a change. Balclutha has a new eatery and what a refreshing change for the South! We drove over to look at people's Christmas tree lights and paid our first (of many) visits to Casafuego, a Mexican-themed all day and much-of-the-night place. It's a totally new take on things - the... Continue Reading →

Blue Pollen! Kōtukutuku colours up

Our tree fuchsias (Fuchsia excorticata, Maori - Kōtukutuku) have just been in flower and it's another phase in their most unusual life. NZ tree fuchsia are not your well-behaved tub plant - I've seen them 12 metres high and nearly a metre diameter. They definitely show better in the south tho' with our harder, colder... Continue Reading →

Highway natives – twiggy tree daisies

Travelling south today through the Cromwell Gorge, near Champagne Creek (map link) Liz said that's an Olearia lineata back there! So we screeched to stop and walked back - there were quite a cluster of these now rare twiggy tree daisies (Asteraceae). They have the divaricating forked branching habit common to many NZ plant families, bluish-green leaves,... Continue Reading →

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