Innovating Streets

The NZ Government via NZTA has more than NZD 7 million available to councils of all sizes “for projects using ‘tactical urbanism’ techniques such as pilots, pop-ups and interim treatments that make it safer and/or easier for people to move around or access community spaces”.

It’s about creating more people-friendly spaces in our towns and cities.

The details [web-link] :  Innovating Streets for People pilot fund

“Projects could be anything from piloting a new walking or cycling facility to pop-up community-led street events, to trialling a low-traffic neighbourhood or reallocating more street space for people.”

“Projects need to strategically align with both the Innovating Streets programme objectives, and local councils strategies and plans. They must also be able to demonstrate the value of using tactical urbanism to advance a future permanent change, and explain how they will move to permanent changes.”

As a landscape architect I have the training and experience to assist Councils in assessing opportunities, defining spaces / potential projects, and preparing necessary design documentation for funding applications  —  Nigel Cowburn

Ideas for places and spaces that could utilise this funding in the South

  • Traffic calming / directing the flow of traffic
  • Exploring ways to utilise empty lots and empty shops e.g. brokering space
  • Designing ways to make high-use public facilities more visible, safe and accessible e.g. schools and hospitals. Making them easier to find, better filtering and control of traffic at busy times, open spaces that safely accommodate large numbers of people waiting for events or appointments.
  • Identifying sites where people can congregate and feel safe, in order to enable temporary events  e.g. pop-up trade stands, markets, exhibitions, art and craft shows, public displays and presentations. Open space / open-air design but keeping in mind the southern climate, covered spaces would be best e.g. open-sided pavilions or tents that can be easily dismantled for storage when not in use.
  • Creating safe cycle routes to places that many local people go (shops, schools, larger workplaces, parks and recreational/sporting facilities)
  • Improving access to the town, and within the town, for those who are less mobile such as the elderly, disabled, young families, people using crutches, wheelchairs or mobility scooters.
  • There may be opportunity with some projects to include integrated stormwater/run-off management into the design.

A lot of landscape work is ephemeral and responsive to short-term changes and dynamic situations.

There’s a great opportunity here to test ideas for spaces – if it works as a temporary space then it would be worth considering as a permanent landscape / building further down the track.

from the pilot fund web page (link already provided above) …

The pilot fund will provide councils with a 90% funding assistance rate (FAR) as well as capability building support for successful applicants, including participation in a community of practice.

Covid-19 is having a significant impact on our transport systems and services. The Innovating Streets programme can make a contribution by providing councils with an opportunity to adapt their streets to better support active and safe transport needs, while following official advice about people movement.

Key Dates

Round One :   prepare and submit by 08 May

Round Two :  prepare and submit by 03 July

Growplan (April 2020)

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