Growplan, Going Strong

Landscape architect Nigel Cowburn’s still hard at work. He’s spending his time at home due to the New Zealand Covid-19 lockdown but this in itself is nothing new – his office was already at home. The difference is that he isn’t driving out to sites looking at jobs.

Don’t hesitate to call or email Nigel if you’re thinking about a project that requires his services, especially ones that have a long lead time, like …

  • riparian schemes
  • sustainable stormwater design
  • subdivision design
  • planning for spring planting, and thinking about 2021

Though he’s not travelling to site many projects can still be worked on and this may involve you assisting him with certain tasks like taking photos or drone footage. Nigel already uses online resources for comprehensive site analysis so he can still progress projects – lockdown makes no difference to doing online research and phone / email communications.

Nigel’s done remote projects in the past where he’s completed his work without a site visit. We’re in the Clutha District and he’s done work in Marlborough and Auckland by distance without doing a single site visit.

If you have a landscape design project that you want to get on with, don’t hesitate to contact Nigel – for him it’s business as usual.

Business as usual. Nigel discussing stormwater opportunities during Covid-19 when we were on our morning walk this morning in Tapanui, West Otago, New Zealand. Click on photo to enlarge.

Photo and text by Liz; Growplan (2020)

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