Albany Street Kiora Peace Garden

Last Friday I was waiting for a lift on Albany Street Dunedin and found I was outside the  community garden– built 2017. This was a waste-land lot for many years and yet right opposite University of Otago Library.  It seems to be mainly recycled and upcycled things timber and concrete, there is a basic gravel turf surface (mainly in clover) which would reduce stormwater runoff almost to nothing, as well as reduce the heat-island effect in summer.

Salvia in a timber planter

The space is in the shade of a high brick wall behind which is the Aotea Peace Embassy run by one of the garden’s founding members.

AlbanyStGarden_1_Dun20190510_143142 (Large).jpg

It is completely amazing to be buzzing along a busy street and then be aware of a gap with life in it. I waited there ten minutes and the next day gave a friend a lift from the same spot and people were coming and going through the garden the entire time.

AlbanyStGarden_2_20190510_143015 (Large).jpg
Peace Garden – looking out to Albany Street and UOtago Library

Plants are a mix of NZ natives and endemics and herbs, fruits and vegetables  – one planter being chock full of strawberry plants. This is a soft, gentle and refreshing space – our cities need more of this.

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  1. Our staff room has a small benchtop compost collection which nobody in the office is wanting to take home. It is a project connected to Green Your Scene and we are potenially going to take it down, but I walked past Albany Street garden today and saw the compost bins. Would it be ok to put our collection in the bins? Is mainly fruit cores, tea bags and small amount of paper. We won’t have dairy, breads or meats. Our office is just accross the road so we would be able to contribute quite regularly.

  2. It really is nice to find those sorts of gardens, especially in neighborhoods where there are not many other gardens. Even though those in town know how important they are, it is not easy to relinquish such valuable space for them.

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