Secret (library) Garden

The other day we were poking around Gore and Liz beckoned me in to a hidden garden between the Eastern Gallery (a 1909 Carnegie Library) and Gore Library. You see the garden from within the library all the time, yet the entry is almost hidden and well away from normal sight-lines. I know nothing of it’s history and it’s almost certainly the nth iteration of a garden

Gore Library Garden 1 20181222_114418 (1200x900)
The garden is in back, behind the lancewoods (Pseudopanax crassifolius)
Gore Library Garden 2 20181222_114601 (1200x900)
First glimpse, immediately left of Eastern Gallery doors. Acanthus seems to fit well with tree ferns…
Gore Library Garden 3 20181222_114712 (1200x900)
Hostas in background, Acanthus foreground, in real life their colours complement well
Gore Library Garden 4 20181222_114836_stitch
Step way back, stretch, snap snap snap and stitch 

Text and Photos by Nigel

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