Fire House – House Fire

Foodscape rather than landscape for a change. Balclutha has a new eatery and what a refreshing change for the South! We drove over to look at people’s Christmas tree lights and paid our first (of many) visits to Casafuego, a Mexican-themed all day and much-of-the-night place. It’s a totally new take on things – the only sombrero is on a corpse (well a skeleton in a hammock above the bar) which suggests they want to set Casafuego apart from anything else.

Skeleton Casafuego20181214_225328 (Large)
Despite appearance drinks come quite quickly!

So neat to find anywhere to eat at all southern-wide after 10pm. It will make the life of this long-distance gardener a lot more interesting – and well-nourished.

Great sound system too and a different mix, in half an hour we had some ACDC, Dexy’s Midnight Runners, Soft-Cell and Mellencamp, nothing modern – Don’t know if that’s a thing but it works here.

Menu Cover Casafuego20181214_225600 (Large)
Something different on the menu


Housefire as far as I can tell – the building is the former Balclutha fire station – built 1923


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