Feed the World 2030: Power of Plants Hackathon

Last weekend I took part in an agriculture workshop aimed at feeding nine billion people by 2030 without destroying the planet. A mind-boggling diversity of participants attended and worked together in teams to generate potential solutions to the crisis facing human civilisation. Working with people from such different backgrounds provided a refreshing change from the normal silo-ed thinking.

This was held at Lincoln University, near Christchurch (where I completed my landscape degree). I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and working with many like-minded others on plausible scenarios to tight deadlines. An outcome for me was exposure to Agile thinking, sprints and the application of blockchain methodology to the agricultural supply network. Will be posting more about this later on.

Meantime, some photos from the weekend…


Burns Building, Lincoln University campus


Water Tower, a valuable landmark still standing after the earthquake. Visiting campus after 12 years absence, coupled with the loss of many buildings was dis-orienting and Burns Building and the Water Tower were valuable orienting features.


Thinking hard, we were plied by strange drinks. Called ‘Nutrient Rescue’. Red Shots are boysenberry-based, Green Shots are also available and they are pea-based with mint!


Some of our team (Light : Food) working on our supply chain concept.


Post workshop drinks and furious networking.

Posted by Nigel, Growplan (2017)


6 thoughts on “Feed the World 2030: Power of Plants Hackathon

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  1. “Feeding nine billion people by 2030 without destroying the planet.” I’m actually an optimist but this is a very high goal. I don’t believe we achive it. But I hope the ideas can also help to feed the hungry one in Africa right now.

    1. Thanks Ellen, it’s an existential thing; as shown by this mornings LA fire. How to meaningfully respond on the ground, in the seas and atmosphere. I’ll be posting about actions and hard choices soon.

    1. Thanks Helen, It was great in that everyone in the room treated the scenario as if it were real. I’ve been involved in smaller things where some folk don’t engage, but this was amazing – organizer are hoping to run 3 per year on similar urgent topics.

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