Nigel @ Petridish. Dunedin NZ

Petridish @ 8 Stafford Street is the shared office space in Dunedin where Nigel has his Growplan office. The resident co-workers are currently introducing themselves via the Petridish Facebook Page and this is the intro that Nigel contributed. Thought I’d share it with Growplan followers on WordPress! — Cheers, Liz

By the way, Nigel has a Growplan Facebook Page  You’re welcome to visit!


Photo Credit: Edith Leigh Photography

I’m Nigel Cowburn and run Growplan Ltd from the bright green cell at Petridish. I design landscape solutions for any kind of outdoor space as well as consult on farm runoff and planet repair. I work alone although I now have a contractor working for me from Melbourne.

My work takes me all over the South Island for farm homestead gardens, stormwater systems, subdivisions, native forest assessment, streetscape and traffic design … anywhere people need help telling (or creating) and guiding a landscapes’ story. My built landscapes have a lot of plants in as people thrive when they see plant life on a daily basis.

I have a background in materials and construction; mold-making, plastics, panel work, timber work and concrete, helping me design practical solutions (and understand pollution) as well as speak ‘trade’ to get designs constructed and planted as per drawings.

I’m also fluent in weed-science and living-systems, urban trees, perennials/herbs, and native plants, as well as farm and industrial stormwater systems aka SUDS (sustainable urban drainage systems).

Petridish is a key part of my operation giving me a client-friendly office space in Dunedin as well as a whole building full of the most diverse business network one could wish for – if I need a question answered someone here will know the answer, recent examples; the legalities of helicopter landing pads, contract law,  good IT advice as well as the opportunity to discuss things well outside my profession. It’s the first time I’ve ever enjoyed working in an office – there’s no politics and people here can simply work really well together – it’s fun here on a daily basis.

Petridish’s central location, high-speed net, and free printing is a real boon to my business, and helps me be far more efficient than working from home and my business is growing much faster.

Posted by Liz Cowburn for Growplan (2017)

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