Waxing Wisterical


I keep driving past this old ruined farmhouse near Milton in South Otago, New Zealand.  Early this month I was able to stop and take a look. With the wisteria in bloom, it really does draw one in to an earlier time.


The people are gone

The plant is still there

The plant is the life of the building



When we construct landscape, its essential for human well-being to include old, ruined falling-apart things into new spaces.


When we erase the past and start completely afresh, people lose their bearings and sense of self.

What Time is this Place? by Kevin Lynch (MIT Press, 1972)

To explore ideas about integrating time into landscape I strongly recommend reading the above book. It truly is a mind-opening read!


11 thoughts on “Waxing Wisterical

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    1. Hi Simone! Liz here looking after the Director’s blog 🙂 Many thanks for reading and also for the follow… I know Nigel will be really pleased! The ruin has great presence and it was fantastic that the wisteria was in full bloom when we drove by!

  1. What a beautiful scene and so looking inviting with the upstairs window open. It must be a strong house to hold up under all that wisteria. That strength usually seems missing in “new” development in our area.

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