Saturated Colour

We visited Larnach Castle recently in very claggy conditions expecting to just run from carpark to cafe but were immediately arrested by the light green layering of the wedding cake trees, and held spellbound by an extremely fragrant Rhododendron. But what really struck us was how rich the colours were; succulent mauves, subtle – but glowing soft pinks, hot yellows and deeper greens. No colour card or postpro needed, just a bare little Olympus Four Thirds and drizzle


Wedding cake tree – Cornus controversa Variegata 

Rhododendron white veryFragrant Lrnch_221017 11.jpg

Rhododendron – looks similar to Cunninghams White – very fragrant


Aurinia saxatilis / Alyssum saxatile – immediately left of the Aurinia is Sisyrinchium starting to produce its greenish flowers

Paeonia treeform pink Lrnch_221017 20.jpg

Tree Paeony – an enormous plant about 3 metres across


Ophiopogon nigrescens looking nice and shiny and dark


Rhododendron – unidentified mauve, silken soft to look at. The creamy green shrub is the NZ native Olearia cheesemanii with very profuse flower buds soon to become a mass of titanium white


Acer palmatum dwarf form


A wonderful variegated Brunnera with orange and yellow Euphorbia at back. Brunnera is a great evergreen cover at least to Zone 8


Rhododendron – cvr unknown

Text and photos by Nigel, Growplan (2017)
















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  1. Lovely to be able to enjoy your spring flowers, as ours start to die back. Still some colour from hardy geraniums & begonias here, but will have to be over-wintered before long. The fuchsias & verbena also hanging on for a late display.

    1. I think we’re getting a more floriferous spring than usual as we’re having mostly drizzle, little rain (except event rain – like many places we’ve lost normal weather), and warmer winters.

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