Pot Lines

Stored plant pots at the Propagation Facility at Dunedin Botanic Garden, New Zealand. Photos taken on Sun 15 October, 2017 (open day).

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I wish they were in my garden – nothing beats terracotta for nurturing young plants as the container breathes and has good drainage, although you may need to water more often. And they last and last and come from the Earth as opposed to …

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All the (plastic) pots – or most of ’em!  So often clients ask about nursery pot sizes, and there are so, so many – this is just a small selection really (I have a  l o  n   g   list of the many types depending on what type of space I’m designing) but in NZ at least, the first five on the top shelf (from left) comprise most of the pots for large gardens and re-vegetation jobs. Some nurseries are trying to move back to natural material pots (peat and paper systems) as synthetics end up in the landfill.

Text and Photos by Nigel Cowburn | Growplan (2017)


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