Garrya elliptica or Coast silk tassel. Milton, Otago, New Zealand

Garrya elliptica at Milton, Otago, NZ; 21 Aug 2017. Native (endemic) to the coastal counties of California from Ventura County to southwestern Oregon. Winter flowering shrub or tree. The male plant is the most showy with long catkins. Calflora has a very cool Interactive Distribution Map that allows you to view Observations by County and to view individual Observation data. Click HERE for their Garrya elliptica map. Nigel Cowburn | Growplan (2017)



6 thoughts on “Garrya elliptica or Coast silk tassel. Milton, Otago, New Zealand

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  1. Thank you both! We moved here just over a year ago, so ‘inherited ‘ the tree. The garden was very overgrown then, & we called in some gardening help to prune & thin. They took out an old pear tree that was growing close to the Garrya, so wondering now if the roots could have been damaged then?

    1. Hi Helen! Liz here. Nigel particularly liked this tree but its in a spot where conditions usually don’t favour a good photo. The other day he just happened to be in Milton at the right time! I hope your tree recovers its health!

    2. Thanks Helen, Has anything changed in the vicinity of your Garrya in the last couple of years? Is the weather getting wetter? You say ‘small’ has it just been planted?

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